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online discussion: access to health care for refugees in Greece

16.04.2020, 8 p.m. (CET) /// live-stream

What became obvious in light of the coronavirus has already been an urgent problem before: Access to health care is not sufficiently provided to refugees in Greece.

  • Parwana Amiri: author, poet and activist, is currently a resident of Ritsona refugee camp

  • Cassandra Espinosa: caseworker with Medical Volunteers International and the Khora Asylum Support Team in Athens

  • Damian Cavallaro: worked with Khora in Athens, in Switzerland he is involved in an evaluation of the Greek asylum law

  • Jasamin Beigui: specialist for internal medicine in Germany, has been several times on Lesvos since 2018

  • Robert Nestler: co-founder and legal coordinator at Equal Rights Beyond Borders

If you have questions you want to ask the panel or one specific panellist get in touch with us (only available during live-stream): +41 77 xxx (Signal, Telegram & WhatsApp)

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